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                                                           Professional-grade protection
                                                           thatís easy to use.
                                                                               This award-winning anti-virus software system,
                                                                               provides real-time protection from viruses,
spyware, rootkits and other malware.  NOD32 offers the smallest, fastest and most advanced
protection available.

                                 Simply the Best!
                                            The world's largest Tier 1 Usenet provider. Giganews newsgroups
                                            provide the fastest, most reliable Usenet experience on the planet.

                                                  The world's most powerful suite of
                                                  SQL Tools!
                                                                   ApexSQL provides a huge collection of SQL Tools;
including an IDE with source control support as well as tools for Comparison/Sync, Scripting,
Auditing (both Passive and Active), Reporting, Documentation, Dependency Analysis, Code
Generation and more.
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Every once in a while, you find something that just works so well for you that you wonder how you ever got along without it.

Listed here are some vendors whose products and services have proven themselves invaluable to me.

In the spirit of sharing with the community that has served me so well throughout the years, I offer this list of products and services that I highly recommend in the hopes you find them as valuable as I have.

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