CodeSiteEx is not a separate product, but an extension to CodeSite.  Its goal is to increase productivity when debugging by enhancing CodeSite with a set of powerful new options.  It's features include simpler method-tracing that reduces CodeSite's EnterMethod and ExitMethod to a single TraceMethod call; automatic exception notification with optional call stack tracing via third party libraries; a high-resolution timer allowing you to profile your code in one of several formats; as well as additional Send methods to support extra data types.


Custom Data Formatters & Inspectors

Not only does CodeSite ship with a powerful suite of data formatters and inspectors, but it also supports sending custom data types through the use of custom formatting classes.  That is, the developer is able to define a class that handles formatting a custom data type into a format that CodeSite can handle.
Some examples of this include the XML formatter that ships with CodeSite and the TBaseballPlayer class formatter outlined in CodeSite's online help.

Custom Viewers & Inspectors    


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