The Search Path Manager is a plug-in for CodeRush that replaces Delphi's Search Path configuration dialog to allow for more convenient configuration, and allows you to quickly choose between different search path configurations.


This plug-in registers a new command, SearchPathManagerShow.  Once installed, you only need to bind a keystroke to this command.  After that, pressing your new shortcut will invoke the Search Path Manager dialog.

Edit paths

The Search Path Manager (SPM) dialog consists of two portions.  On the "Edit Paths" page, you can edit the complete list of folders available containing Delphi units in your library.  In contrast to the basic path editor that comes with Delphi, the SPM gives you a full text editor that allows you to easily enter new paths, copy/paste existing paths, etc.

This list of paths is global to the SPM, and is available no matter what setting is active.  By keeping a global list of all paths, instead of a customized list for each setting, the SPM makes it easy to add paths from one setting to another.  It also verifies you don't lose any paths completely in case you acidentally remove them from all custom settings.

Edit settings

The "Settings" page allows you to select which of the paths from the global list should be taken over to the current setting.  A check-boxed list of all paths is available, and you can add/remove paths from the current setting simply by double-clicking on the path in question.

Whenever you add new paths on the "Edit Paths" page, this list automatically updates and keeps the selected paths active.


The Tools menu offers functionaly to automatically change the list of paths to your preference.  It can automatically sort the search path alphabetically, and it can toggle all paths on-the-fly between using absolute paths and using environment variables.

Even when you change the path list between using environment variables or not using them, the Settings page always keeps up to date with the correct changed path names.

Loading/Saving/Activating settings

The toolbar dropdown buttons allow you quick access to loading individual settings or saving your current selection to a new or existing named setting.  Using the "Activate" button, you can always activate a predefined setting with a single click.

Never use Tools|Environment|Library again

To avoid confusion with Delphi's own library path management system, the SPM plug-in disables the "Library Path" options portion on the Environment Options dialog.  Instead, you will always simply use the Search Path Managers dialog.

Version 1.0

CodeRush 6

CodeRush 7
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Search Path Manager

Author: Marc Hoffman

Created: November 04, 2002

Plug-In Type: Panel

Options Page: No
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.
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