Object Inspector Docker is a Surface Designer plug-in that allows you to dock the Object Inspector onto the active form in the Delphi IDE.


Upon installation, this plug-in will insert a new icon into the Surface Designer toolbar above the Delphi Form Editor.  This button will appear as follows:

Without the cartoonish talk bubble, of course.

When the new surface designer icon is depressed, the Object Inspector will become docked to the Delphi IDE form designer's active window.  The default docking placement of the Object Inspector is the top-left side of the active form.  This positioning is customizable via the CodeRush Options Docking page located under the node: Form | Surface Designers | Docking.

Please note: The Object Inspector will not appear in the dockable window list on this options page until the surface designer button has been activated at least once.

Another item worth noting: This plug-in only docks the Object Inspector.  If the Object Inspector is already docked with one or more windows in the IDE, this plug-in will NOT dock it to the active form.

Version 1.0

CodeRush 6

CodeRush 7
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Ackerson Software
Object Inspector Docker
Author: Mark Miller
Created: 10/14/2002
Plug-In Type: Surface Designer
Options Page: No. 
Uses the Docking options page
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.
This plug-in is not the property of Developer Express; it is the sole property of its author.  As such, Developer Express cannot be held liable for any incidental damages that may be related to the usage of this plug-in.