There is an incompatability between CodeRush and ModelMaker Code Explorer that causes the popup menu items created by MMX to be lost when both products are running in the Delphi IDE simultaneously.  This plug-in attempts to correct that problem by re-adding the lost Code Explorer menu items back as custom CodeRush menus.

The original version of this plug-in was based on MMX version 5.02.  Prior to MMX version 5.03, although MMX menu items could be detected and created, menu groups had to be hard-coded.  The result was that this plug-in had to be MMX version-specific.

As of MMX version 5.03, Gerrit Beuze introduced a new API method exposing the Code Explorer IDE menu group structure.  The new interface allows this plug-in to generically build the required IDE menu, allowing it to automatically support all future Code Explorer versions.

The new version of this plug-in has been designed to support all versions of Code Explorer starting from version 5.03.  If your MMX version is less than 5.03, the required API call will not be present and this plug-in will not function.

The download links to the left that coorespond to the new version of this plug-in are labeled "(MMX 5.03+)".  If you are still using Code Explorer 5.02, you can download the original MMX 5.02-specific version using the links labeled "(MMX 5.02)".


By itself, this plug-in offers no new features to Delphi.  What it DOES offer, however, is an easier way to access the functionality provided by ModelMaker Code Explorer.  When Code Explorer is installed, an IDE menu item is added to provide quick access to MMX's features.  Unfortunately, when CodeRush is also installed into the same IDE, the custom MMX menu is destroyed.

This plug-in registers a new CodeRush command, ExecuteMMXAction, that is responsible for executing the numerous features added by Code Explorer.

In addition, a "new" menu item, "MMX Commands", will appear on the IDE's context menu; this is the restored Code Explorer IDE menu.  When this menu item is selected, MMX's entire submenu structure is available (see the screenshot below).  Selecting one of these items invokes ExecuteMMXAction to launch the desired Code Explorer function.

Thanks to some assistance from Gerrit Beuze, the author of Code Explorer, I was able to put together this plug-in to re-add the lost MMX menu items as custom CodeRush menus that invoke Code Explorer features.


Introduces MMX version independence!

Now supports MMX versions 5.03 and higher!


CodeRush 6 (MMX 5.02)

CodeRush 6 (MMX 5.03+)

CodeRush 7 (MMX 5.02)

CodeRush 7 (MMX 5.03+)

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Restore ModelMaker Code Explorer IDE Menu

Author: Rich Ackerson

Created: May 15, 2007

Plug-In Type: Standard

Options Page: No
This plug-in is currently supported.
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IDE menu in Delphi 6 running CodeRush and ModelMaker Code Explorer 5.x