This plug-in will provide you with access to ModelMaker Code Explorer from CodeRush.  It exposes the MMX API so you can create CodeRush shortcuts for your favorite MMX features.


Upon installation this plug-in registers a set of CodeRush commands for interacting with ModelMaker Code Explorer; these are MME_ListCommands, MME_FocusMME, MME_ExecuteCommand, and MME_ReloadPlugin.

Binding a keystroke to MME_ListCommands allows you to invoke a dialog that displays a list of all Code Explorer commands accessible by CodeRush via the plug-in.  You can use the entries in this list when defining your own CodeRush shortcuts.

The MME_FocusMME command displays the ModelMaker Code Explorer main window and focuses its class tree.

The MME_ReloadPlugin command is only needed in rare circumstances.  Basically, in order for this plug-in to work, ModelMaker Code Explorer needs to exist on the machine (DUH).  There is one additional requirement.  When Delphi loads, Code Explorer must load BEFORE this plug-in so that the API can be properly referenced.  If, for some reason, ModelMaker Code Explorer loads AFTER this plug-in, you can invoke MME_ReloadPlugin to attempt to re-load the Code Explorer commands (so your CodeRush shortcuts will function).

Finally, MME_ExecuteCommand is the command that does all the magic.  This command accepts a single parameter, this parameter being the name of an existing Code Explorer function (one of the commands displayed in the MME_ListCommands dialog, above).  You use this command as follows:
These shortcuts appear in CodeRush to be exactly the same as any other shortcut you use.  They will appear in the Shortcuts list on the CodeRush Options page, see below:


Version 1.0

Source Code Available!

CodeRush 6 / Source

CodeRush 7 / Source

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ModelMaker Explorer API

Author: Tor Langlo

Created: July 8, 2002

Plug-In Type: Standard

Options Page: No
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.
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