This plug-in allows you to zoom the editor to full screen, similar to the feature of the same name in Word.

Note: This plug-in is included with CodeRush versions 5.03h and greater.


This plug-in registers a new command, FullScreenToggle, that allows you to toggle the editor viewing area between normal and full screen modes. 

When toggling full screen, selected controls are hidden, the Full Screen Controller is displayed (see above), and the edit window occupies the full screen.  This feature is useful for work on laptops or smaller screens, during presentations where the font size must be larger (limiting the lines of code that can be displayed), and anytime you need to see the big picture.

You can specify which edit window controls will be visible when zooming full screen, with the Full Screen Controller.  The buttons and their functionality is described below:


Version 1.1


CodeRush 5

Copyright 2004 Ackerson Software, All Rights Reserved.
Ackerson Software
Full Screen Edit

Author: Mark Miller

Created: March 31, 2000

Plug-In Type: Standard

Options Page: Yes/Custom
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.
This plug-in is not the property of Developer Express; it is the sole property of its author.  As such, Developer Express cannot be held liable for any incidental damages that may be related to the usage of this plug-in.
When you're in Full Screen Edit mode, you have full control over which edit window controls appear.
Returns the editor to normal view.
Shows the main Delphi window (main menu, Delphi toolbar buttons, and component palette).
Shows the Object Inspector.
Shows the form corresponding to the file in the editor.
Shows/Hides the CodeRush toolbar.
Shows/Hides the file tabs (if hidden, use Delphi hot keys to change files).
Shows/Hides the edit window gutter.
Shows/Hides the horizontal scrollbar.
Shows/Hides the vertical scrollbar.
Shows/Hides the edit window status bar.

The Full Screen Edit plug-in registers another command, FullScreenOptions, that allows you to set the default state of the buttons in the Full Screen Controller.  When this command is launched, the Full Screen Options dialog will appear:

If you do not normally work with Delphi's Code Explorer, check the "Hide Code Explorer" checkbox.  This will prevent Delphi from recreating the Code Explorer every time you restore normal edit mode.

For convenience, this plug-in also registers a toolbar button in the View category so you can add the Full Screen Edit capability to your CodeRush toolbar.  After installing, just drag the new toolbar button across to your toolbar using the Buttons page of the CodeRush Options dialog.