In certain cases, CodeRush fails to correctly calculate the height and / or width of characters used in the editor.  Unfortunately, this results in screen corruption when code decoration modules, such as Syntax Highlighting or Declaration Highlighting etc., are enabled.  The issue seems to more severely affect systems with an editor font other than Courier New.  Nevertheless, this problem can be fixed in most cases by manually specifying character dimensions for CodeRush.

This tool offers a GUI and a related CodeRush command to achieve this as well as making the necessary adjustment easier and more effective by providing visual feedback and settings persistence.


Upon installation the plug-in registers a CodeRush command named crCharDimAdjust that can be assigned to any button or menu, such as the editor pop-up menu.  When this command is executed, the GUI appears (see below) and manual adjustment can be entered and saved, or CodeRush's default automatic metric calculation can be re-enabled.

Along with the obvious adjustment controls, the tool also features a preview grid where the resulting dimensions can be verified.  (The editor font can be changed the standard Delphi way, i.e. by modifying standard Delphi editor options found under Tools | Editor Options | Display settings.)

CodeRush must be restarted to apply any changes made in the font size adjustment utility.
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Font Size Adjustment Tool
Author: Miklós Árpád
Created: August 5, 2004
Plug-In Type: Standard
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