DelphVI emulates the VI editor under Delphi.  If you're one of the few but proud who have used VI and miss it under Delphi, your wait is over with this amazing plug-in that demonstrates just how diverse CodeRush plug-ins can get, blending the best elements of Delphi, VI, and CodeRush.

Additional information regarding this plug-in can be found in DelphiVI.txt, included with the zip file.  Also, a VI tutorial is included in the unit DelphVI_Tutorial.pas.


Toggle Delphi VI
Adds a checkbox to enable and disable DelphiVI.  When DelphVI is disabled, you'll see a 'VI OFF' message down on the Delphi status bar.

In CodeRush 4, DelphVI adds the checkbox to Delphi's Environment Options dialog on the Display tab.

In CodeRush 5, DelphVI adds the checkbox to Delphi's Editor Properties dialog on the Key Mappings tab.

DelphVI uses a system of 26 "named" and 10 numbered buffers.  The 26 named buffers are for personal use and will never be deleted or added to by DelphVI (w/o you issuing the commands to do so).  For example the VI command "ayy" will invoke the "yy" command to "yank" (copy) the current line into named buffer "a" where it will remain until you put something else there or your Delphi session ends.

The numbered buffers 0 through 9 are used by DelphVI to store the 10 previous cut/copy operations.  Every new cut/copy operation becomes the new '0' buffer and everything else is incremented by 1 (1->2, 2->3, 3->4, ...).  The "0" buffer is also the windows clipboard.

Just about all commands can be preceded by an optional multiplier (for example, "2cw" will change two words and "2dd" will delete 2 lines).

For a complete list of commands, click here.

Command Line Functions
You can invoke special commands by pressing ":".  Pressing this key causes the command line editor to appear at the bottom of the edit window (temporarily replacing Delphi's status bar).  The command line editor allows you to specify your command (after typing the command, press "Enter" to execute it or "Escape" to cancel).  The command line editor looks like this (the ":" to the left of the combo box indicates you are entering a DelphVI command):

For a complete list of command line functions, click here.

DelphVI includes a built-in tutorial file (DelphVI_Tutorial.pas) that you can load into Delphi.  This tutorial comes complete with embedded diagrams, as seen below:

Version 1.0

CodeRush 4

CodeRush 5

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Delphi VI

Author: Randall Haehnel

Created: December 7, 1999

Plug-In Type: Standard

Options Page: No
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.
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