With the release of service pack 1 for Delphi 7, Borland evidently changed something in the way anchoring was implemented.  This change caused CodeRush's Options dialogs to display incorrectly, truncating elements along the right side of the window.

This plug-in is an update created by Developer Express to resolve the problem.


This plug-in was developed by Developer Express to correct the display problems that resulted as of the changes made by Borland for Delphi 7 SP1.

If you use Delphi 7 and you have applied Service Pack 1, you will probably notice that your CodeRush Options Page now resembles the following:

Looking at the right side of this dialog, you will notice that the listbox of toolbar button Categories is truncated while the listbox of Available Buttons is missing entirely.  This truncation effect prevents this Options window from being usable at all.  The problem was caused by the changes made by Borland in service pack 1 for Delphi 7.

This "fix" is actually an updated Options page plug-in, it does not work with the default plug-in, it replaces it entirely.

To apply the fix, you should just replace the CR_Options7.bpl file in the CodeRush 7 root folder (by default, "C:\Program Files\Eagle\CodeRush7\") with the file from the download link.




CodeRush 7

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Delphi 7.1 Options Page Fix

Author: Mark Miller

Created: June 23, 2004

Plug-In Type: Standard

Options Page: No
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.