This simple but useful panel plugin displays a list of ASCII values and characters for a selected font.  It is similar to the ASCII Chart plug-in for CodeRush 3 but it provides additional functionality, such as the ability to view ASCII codes in octal, decimal, or hexadecimal representations.


The ASCII Reference chart is a Panel plug-in.  As such, it is automatically registered in the Panels submenu beneath the CodeRush main menu item, please see the screenshot below:

When invoked, the ASCII Reference chart appears as shown in the screenshot at the top.  The panel consists of three primary sections, a toolbar for customizing the appearance of the chart, a central grid to display the ASCII values, and a font preview window / status bar for further ASCII value details.  Each is described in further detail below:

Display Grid
The ASCII Display Grid is the heart of this plug-in.  The grid consists of 128 cells, with each cell containing a single ASCII value.  In addition to the numeric ASCII code, each cell displays the character representation of the ASCII value.  For the low, "unprintable" device control characters, a description of the value appears; so for instance, in the cell for ASCII value 7 (the Bell), the code BEL appears.  For the high, "printable" characters, CodeRush displays the ASCII characters using the font as specified in the Toolbar.

A sample of the grid appears below:

Overall, the grid presents ASCII codes divided into two sections, the lower-bound numbers (0-127) and the higher-bound numbers (128-255).  By default, the ASCII Reference chart displays the lower bound values.  The user is able to toggle the Low/High display by using buttons on the Toolbar, as described below.

As the cursor moves over the individual cells, the reference panes of the status bar are updated to report detailed information about the selected cell's ASCII value.

The ASCII Reference chart Toolbar controls all customizations to the appearance of the Display Grid and Font Preview window.  The toolbar appears below:

It is from here that you can opt to:
Preview Window / Status Bar

The Preview Window simply exists to give you an idea of what alterations to the specified font can have on your sample text.  If you are working on a project and want to select an alternate font for use in some output, it may be handy to enter your sample output into the Preview Window and cycle through the available fonts until you find one you like.

The contents of the Preview Window can be changed very easily.  By simply double-clicking anywhere within the Preview pane, you can invoke the Font Preview Window Editor.  This editor can also be invoked from a popup menu, which will be discussed later.  The editor is shown below:

The currently displayed text from the Preview Window is defaulted in the edit window.  From here, you can change the text to anything you wish.  For example, if you wish to change the text to "CodeRush ROCKS!", you would call up the Editor and replace the text as follows:

Clicking the OK button causes the text in the Font Preview Window to be updated, as shown below:

Note that although the text keyed into this edit box appears in MS Sans Serif typeface, it will be displayed in your chosen font when it appears in the Font Preview Window.

Notice the button labeled Default on the Editor window.  This button allows you to quickly and easily restore the plug-in's default preview text "Sample Text".

The Status Bar is more directly ASCII code related.  It exists as an informational tool to give details about the selected ASCII character.  It is made up of three panes.

Interacting With Delphi

Finally, the plug-in includes a context menu to allow you to interact with the environment.  The menu appears below:

There are numerous options for copying information to the clipboard.  You have the ability to:


If you paste a character (e.g. a WingDing) into Delphi, the character displayed in Delphi will be  painted using the Font active in the IDE.

Version 1.1
Source Code Available!

CodeRush 6 / Source

CodeRush 7 / Source
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ASCII Reference

Author: Rich Ackerson

Created: 01/06/2006

Plug-In Type: Panel

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This plug-in is currently supported.
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