TSyntaxMemo is very fast and well written.  CodeRush uses this highly flexible TSyntaxMemo component as the engine for its syntax highlight printer (which supports printing of embedded diagrams).  This is easily one of the best editors offered for integratation with your application.  Although no longer commercially available, David Brock's excellent memo control can still be used to design CodeRush plug-ins.

This plug-in allows you to design your own CodeRush plug-ins using a custom version of the TSyntaxMemo Collection version 2.  It is not necessary to own a licensed copy of TSyntaxMemo in order to use this plug-in, as a full version of the component is included.  The only limitation is that it has been customized for use solely within CodeRush plug-ins; it cannot be used to develop independent applications.

This plug-in will safely co-exist with a commercial copy of TSyntaxMemo 2 already installed into Delphi.

More information about this component set can be found at Delphi Informant, Delphi Planet, and Asp4Hs.


When this plug-in is installed, a new tab, dbSoft, will be added to your Delphi IDE component palette.  This palette will contain three new icons, CRSyntaxMemo, CRDBSyntaxMemo, and CRSyntaxMemoParser.

Version 2

CodeRush 5

CodeRush 6

CodeRush 7


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TSyntaxMemo 2

Author: dbRock Software

Created: 2000/2001/2002

Plug-In Type: Development

Options Page: No
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.
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