Raize Components is a user interface design system for Delphi made available from Raize Software.  At its center is a collection of more than 60 general-purpose native VCL controls.  In addition to the core set of controls, Raize Components includes a series of component designers focused on simplifying user interface development.  These high-quality components give developers unsurpassed power and flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-use.

This plug-in allows you to design your own CodeRush plug-ins using a custom version of Raize Components version 2.  It is not necessary to own a licensed copy of Raize Components in order to use this plug-in, as a full version of the Raize software is included in it.  The only limitation to this version of Raize Components is that it has been customized for use solely within CodeRush plug-ins; it cannot be used to develop independent applications.

This plug-in will safely co-exist with a commercial copy of Raize Components 2 already installed into Delphi.


When this plug-in is installed, three new tabs will be added to your Delphi IDE component palette.


This is the Raize "Standard Controls" tab.  It contains the following components:
CrRzFrameController, CrRzLabel, CrRzEdit, CrRzMemo, CrRzButton, CrRzMenuButton, CrRzCheckBox, CrRzRadioButton, CrRzListBox, CrRzComboBox, CrRzProgressBar, CrRzTrackBar, CrRzGroupBox, CrRzRadioGroup, CrRzPanel, CrRzSplitter, CrRzSizePanel, CrRzToolbar, CrRzToolbarButton, CrRzMenuToolbarButton, CrRzSpacer, CrRzStatusBar, CrRzStatusPane, CrRzGlyphStatus, CrRzMarqueeStatus, CrRzClockStatus, CrRzKeyStatus, CrRzResourceStatus

CrRz List

This is the Raize "List Controls" tab.  It contains the following components:
CrRzCheckList, CrRzTabbedListBox, CrRzEditListBox, CrRzColorComboBox, CrRzFontComboBox, CrRzMRUComboBox, CrRzListView, CrRzTreeView, CrRzCheckTree, CrRzDirectoryTree, CrRzFileListBox, CrRzDirectoryListBox, CrRzDriveComboBox, CrRzSelDirDialog, CrRzLineComboBox

CrRz Misc

This is the Raize "Miscellaneous Controls" tab.  It contains the following components:
CrRzURLLabel, CrRzLauncher, CrRzMaskEdit, CrRzButtonEdit, CrRzExpandEdit, CrRzSpinEdit, CrRzSpinner, CrRzSpinButtons, CrRzDialogButtons, CrRzRapidFireButton, CrRzBMPButton, CrRzAnimator, CrRzBorder, CrRzLEDDisplay, CrRzMeter, CrRzBackground, CrRzBallonHints, CrRzLookupDialog, CrRzSendMessage, CrRzLineEdit
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Ackerson Software
Raize Components 2
Author: Raize Software
Created: 2000/2001/2002
Plug-In Type: Development
Options Page: No
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.
This plug-in is not the property of Developer Express; it is the sole property of its author.  As such, Developer Express cannot be held liable for any incidental damages that may be related to the usage of this plug-in.