This plug-in declares properties based on a field declaration on the current line.  The developer is given near-complete control over the creation of the new properties, including specifying Accessor methods, Scope, and Dispatch.

whether you want to have Get and Set methods.  You can also specify scope and dispatch (static, virtual, etc.).


Instant Property Declaration registers a new string function ("InstantProperty") that displays a dialog allowing you to specify the details of the property being created, such as:

Instant Property Declaration is invoked via a Keyboard Shortcut.  By default, the shortcut is IP.  This shortcut's expansion is "%?InstantProperty()%" which launches the string function "InstantProperty".

When invoked, this plug-in grabs the two preceding tokens off the same line.  It uses them as the basis for creating the new property (for example, on the line "FSize: Integer;", InstantProperty would read a Field token of "FSize" and a Type token of "Integer").  A standard naming convention in Delphi is to precede field variables with the letter "F" and to name their associated properties as the field variable minus the leading "F".  InstantProperty supports this naming convention.

If the field token starts with the letter "F", the plug-in will strip it when assigning the property name (in the example above, this would create a property named Size of type Integer).  If the field token does not begin with an "f" or "F", this plug-in prompts the user for a property name, as is shown in the dialog below.

This user-entered name is then used when creating the property.

The New Property dialog (shown at the top) appears next for the developer to fine-tune the details of the new property.

Convert Variable to Property
This plug-in provides one additional advanced feature; this is the Convert Variable to Property function.  If the field variable selected when InstantProperty is invoked has either Public or Published scope it is unlikely that this is a new field variable; rather, it is more likely that it is actually an existing public variable that the user would like to "convert" to a property.  In this case, a dialog appears to prompt the user if they would like to convert the variable to a property and, if so, what should be the scope for the new field variable.

If the user declines, the plug-in operates as normal.  If user confirms, the variable is renamed by prefixing its existing name with an "F."  The renamed variable is moved to the user-indicated scope and the plug-in continues as normal.



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Instant Property Declaration

Author: Tillman Dickson

Created: October 14, 2002

Plug-In Type: Standard

Options Page: Yes/Custom
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