If you work with conditional defines and the same define appears in more than one source code file, or if you work with conditional defines inside include files, you'll definitely want to check out the Include File Manager.  This plug-in includes CodeRush Assistant help and an installation program.

Full details on functionality and use are included with the plug-in (they are presented in the CodeRush Assistant when you first invoke the Include File Manager).

Note: This plug-in is included with CodeRush versions 5.03h and greater.


Upon installation, this plug-in registers a new command, IncludeFileManager, that invokes the dialog displayed above.  This command can be bound to a keystroke or launched from a toolbar button.

When the IncludeFileManager command is invoked, this plug-in will scan the currently open Delphi source file for "{$I" include file directives.  If only one include file is found, the Include File Manager dialog (see screenshot above) will appear.

If no include files are found, or if two or more include files are found, the following dialog will appear asking you which include file you would like to edit (and also offer you the opportunity to include a new file in the current *.pas  file).

For convenience, this plug-in registers a toolbar button in the File category (after installing, just drag it across to your toolbar using the Buttons page of the CodeRush Options dialog):

This gives you the ability to manage all of your include files from any source file with the click of a single button.

Version 1.1


CodeRush 5

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Include File Manager

Author: Mark Miller

Created: April 30, 2000

Plug-In Type: Standard

Options Page: No
This plug-in is NOT currently supported.
This plug-in is not the property of Developer Express; it is the sole property of its author.  As such, Developer Express cannot be held liable for any incidental damages that may be related to the usage of this plug-in.
The Include File Manager lets you visually manage your conditional defines.