Coding professionally since 1988, I have focused on designing, developing, and maintaining database applications, primarily for the healthcare industry.  Through these years I've gained experience in a wide assortment of programming languages and technologies.

I am proficient with Novell and Windows networking, regularly tending to the systems at some local physicians' practices.  I've developed software for DOS, Windows, various handheld computer OS's, and the Web using many different languages, including JavaScript, VBScript, BASIC, Pascal, PSIONScript, PocketStudio, PowerBuilder, C++, and Delphi, which remains my favorite.

My database work has focused on MS SQL Server; including both database modeling and SQL coding.

I am also finally biting the bullet and learning .Net, simultaneously teaching myself C# and Chrome.


Despite the varied array of languages I know and use regularly, I consider myself a Delphi developer first and foremost.  Ackerson Software will remain a "Delphi shop" for as long as Delphi exists. 

My experiences in Delphi include Object Pascal coding, application framework design, custom component creation, IDE extension development, and multi-tier implementations.


Born in New Jersey, USA in July of 1965; this is where I continue to call Home.  I graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1988 with a degree in Computer Engineering and I've been busy coding ever since!

For the majority of my professional career, I have designed solutions for the Healthcare industry.  Today, I am a HIPAA-certified healthcare specialist with experiences covering virtually all aspects of healthcare.

About 10 years ago, I started my independent consultant business aimed at providing software solutions for a nationwide client base of home healthcare agencies.

Over time, I narrowed my focus to address the needs of private physicians' practices.  I am presently widening my scope a bit; in addition to tending to physicians' needs I have begun providing solutions for software developers.

Although this all keeps me quite busy, it is not (yet) my fulltime job; I currently work for a leading provider of workflow management and medical billing software.
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